"If you cannot feed a hundred people, then feed just one"

Chicken 4 The Homeless

Every cent of your contributions helps us achieve our common goal in our Charity Mission to Hunger Relief

About Us


Who We Are

Chicken 4 The Homeless is, Hatchlings Chicken Ranches Ground Zero Hunger Relief Effort Program. 

Chicken 4 the Homeless is 100% Donation Driven. Without Donations, this program would never exist. 


What We Do

Chicken for The Homeless is a donation  only, Call To Action campaign that is designed to feed the Masses of the  Homeless, Poor and Hungry.
Mathew 7:12 "ask yourself what you want people to do for you, then grab the initiative and do it for them"
Time To stand and Make A Change
I grew up in a time that Neighbors helped Neighbors, Strangers held Doors open for their elders, Respect was earned and not just expected, your Dinner Table and Fridge was never empty and Sunday was Given to the Lord. Wondering where the next meal was going to come from was far from a reality. Maybe in another poverened stricken country but never in ours.
At least that's what I thought when i was 8.
How Blind I was.
Fast Forward to 42 years and Gods Plan started to Come together. What he has planned and put into place for me started to really unfold 2 years ago and keeps opening doors along the way. Hatchlings Chicken Ranch was born and approved as a Non-Profit based on being a Charitable Organization.
The first year of our Non-Profit was a test and Lesson that became a passion to serving the Unfortunate. There is no other fullfilling feeling then serving someone that fell on Hard Times. As the Plan grew that God put in place to feeding the Homeless, Poor and Hungry I was overcome by a feeling that Shouted,
 It's Time!
Chicken For The Homeless. Not A Vision But A Reality
This Vision came to me back in November Called, Chicken For The Homeless. This Call to Action is very procise in its plan. It calls for Raising and Processing Cornish Meat Chickens here on the Ranch and Calls for 2400 Chickens per Month to go to the Homeless, Poor and Hungry. All is Welcomed and No one Turned away.
The Battle of Hunger is Real and the solution is even more Real. One Day at a time. I'm not claiming that I alone can win this battle, but with Everyone together and God as our Captain, we can take a huge bite out of Hungers Circle. This Massive undertaking to feed the Masses of Homeless, Poor and Hungry is a long road and even longer campaign.
If your ready to jump into this campaign with God as the Captain, and feel the most rewarding sense of accomplishment by sharing your Support for a better cause, then I Challenge you.
I challenge you to see exactly what can be Accomplished with 1 Act of Kindness, 1 Act of Prayer, 1 Act of Spreading the Call To Action and 1 Act of Donation.
No Matter the size of a Donation, the length of Prayer, Spreading of the Good News, Small or Large, Every Bit Helps.
May God Bless you and your Family for Showing the Kindness that you have Given Today.


How We Help

With our Connections with Salvation Army, Bethlehem House, Conway Mission Center and Numerous other Organizations, we are able to Distribute the chickens that are raised and processed at Hatchlings Chicken Ranch. 

Not to mention one on one basis with people on Food assistance (SNAP), Low Income Households and Childhood Hunger. 

With School getting prepared for summer break, The Demand for food becomes more important then ever. 

This is where we Step In!


Your generous gift will help fund our mission to Feed those in need. 

 With 1 in 4 Children with Food Insecurity, Together we can make a difference.

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